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  • Kaotan's camera scenes 
  • From a distant place in the world
    Comes happy voices...
    Sometimes I hear sad voices
    Carried on the wind...
  • I’m back ✿✿✿✿✿✿

    My little story is that it was time to check my computer, the last time i send her was around 4 years ago or more, i can’t exactly remember. So this  ”“”super magical guy”“” who promised that he will just clean it, ended erasing all my stuffs and left her in a horrible state. i know that working with computers is not easy, but what really got me sad is the attitude he took towards me. Anyway, in the past few weeks my little Pancha♡ (my laptop’s nickname) was in her recovery process and now she came back to me!♡♡♡. So now fear me, there’s a lot of new videos and i’m gonna edit all :D

    P.D.: Dear Anonymous ;x; sorry for the late. Hope you like the Kitarie’s gifs.  

  • Kitarie + Pastel ✿ Requested by Anonymus